Get ready for the Sugar Mill Summer Pool Season!
Time to get back in the water.  Find the most convenient time to get your pool tags updated.  Here is the info you need.  And before we get to the dates and times, a reminder, if you are a new resident, you must bring a current utility bill with proof of residency, and a photo ID.  We will also need a thumb print sized photo (1”x1”) to create your pool tag.  If you already have your pool tags, just bring them so we can update for the 2019 season.  To receive a new tag or to update an existing tag you must be current on the Sugar Mill resident rolls.  Please touch base with our property management company prior to coming to one of our validation days.  Their toll-free number is 866-473-2573.  You can also visit our neighborhood resident portal at to view your resident information. 

Our Sugar Mill pools officially open May 25th.  Prior to that date here are some dates you can drop by to get your tags validated for the new season.

  • Saturday May 4th at the 7th Street Pool from 9-11 am.
  • Sunday May 5th at the 7th Street Pool from 5-7 pm.
  • Tuesday May 7th at the 7th Street Pool from 7-9 pm.
  • Thursday May 9th at the 7th Street Pool from 7-9 pm.
  • Saturday May 18th at the Lake Center Pool from 9-11 am.
  • Sunday May 19th at the Lake Center Pool from 5-7 pm.
  • Saturday May 25th at the Lake Center Pool from 9-11 am.
  • Sunday May 26th at the Lake Center Pool from 5-7 pm.

Sugar Mill Spring Update.  It’s Time to Get Outdoors
What a beautiful time of the year here in Sugar Mill.  And with the new season comes a couple of thoughts.  Now is the time to take a good look at your home and your yard and take advantage of the moderate temperatures to catch up on those chores that come with home ownership.  I know my home is once again due for the annual power wash, how about yours?  With the trees and shrubs in a growth mode, take a few moments to tend to their health and beauty.  Brown spots in your lawn, maybe it’s time to head to the nursery for a few pieces of sod.  This weekend take a few minutes to go outside and see what you can do to brighten up your residence and our neighborhood.

With our annual board meeting behind us, we wanted to catch you up on a few items.  Here’s a question.  If we could save money and put those dollars back into our neighborhood, would that be a good thing?  And the answer is, yes.  Right now, we are exploring the opportunity to become a tax exempt HOA.  There are many other communities that have taken that step and the benefits are broad.  As I said, we are exploring that option right now with our tax advisor.  The process can take up to 6 months to become a reality.  In the meantime, we are being conservative in the projects that need attention, based on the upside benefit of tax savings down the road.  Bear with us, as we will keep you updated on the progress.

Thanks again to those who attended our annual meeting.  Thanks to those who have transitioned to our more efficient portal for neighborhood news and business. Change is sometimes tough, but change gives us new opportunities to do things better, and that’s what we are experiencing here in Sugar Mill.  The transition continues and we appreciate your input and your support.