Fence Update

Sugar Mill Friends
The construction of the wood fence behind the Family Church for Stage 1 is finished, except for staining.  Go by and take a look.

The next phase of the build is the walkway between 927 and 923 Green Belt. It should be completed this evening 7/6. This walkway should look a bit different than our existing walkways. Please go by and take a look and let us know what you think.

Fence Construction Notices
A) Notice to all affected homeowners that will need fence repair /painting
B) Next Door Construction Details for all affected residents
C)Residents on Lake Estates and Lake Trail affected by the Church fence Construction
D Stage 2 and 3 Rebuild and Repaint resident addresses

Board Meeting scheduled for 06/23/20 has been postponed 
The Board Meeting scheduled for 06/23/20 has been postponed due to an unforeseen emergency. We will reschedule very soon.

Fence Replacement Status

Dear Homeowner,
Sugar Mill HOA has contracted with FenceKeeper to started replacing the common area fences.  The tentative schedule of replacement for this first phase is: Beginning June 19th fences will be replaced, and there will be advanced communications with homeowners as the projects are scheduled at each property.

The first phase of the project will be starting construction at the fence behind the church on 1110 Burney Road, and the walkway areas at 503- 507 Green Belt, 923-927 Green Belt,14002-14003 Ragus Lake, 845 Lakeview.  FenceKeeper will notify Texas 811 to mark public utility lines such as gas, electric, phone and cable. They will be inspecting and marking with flags and paint. 811 Utility Locators will require access to the affected properties. If your home is involved in this project please look out for the letter or contact from FenceKeeper and feel free to contact them at the number and contact person they list.  You may contact Real Manage at email SUGMILL@Ciramail.com. or call 866-473-2573 should you require more information.